About Max Web

Max Web Group has brought together a group of students and enthusiasts of this industry so that in addition to acquiring knowledge and experience, they can participate in starting start-ups, start-ups and other businesses and in building the country. Play a role.

Max Web will help you to get the best services at the lowest possible cost and be in the category of professional businesses.

Terms and conditions and terms of use of our services

In cases where Max Web is not a direct provider of services (such as: hosts, servers, domains, network equipment and software) on your behalf and according to your needs, the most suitable and best for you and the best companies The service provider will follow up and meet your needs and the final price will include the price of the third party company plus the cost of Max Web services.

In case of face-to-face services such as network and computer, the contract will be concluded in person at the applicant's place and current prices will be considered. Web-related matters will be done in absentia and the final payment of the applicant will be considered as the final approval of the project. Refund rules will be subject to third party rules in cases where Max Web is not a direct service provider. In other cases, if the customer is not satisfied, the amount received will be refunded within six working days. All payments will be made through Bank Mellat online payment portal.

Use of user information

All information of employers, including information related to natural and legal persons, as well as information related to business, is protected by Max Web and it is not used commercially and will not be provided to third parties.


After the delivery of the website to the employer and from the time of settlement, Max Webb will not be responsible for the published content and all criminal and legal consequences resulting from non-compliance with the current laws of the country will be the responsibility of the employer.

The employer is also obliged to cooperate in order to transfer the privileges and ownership of the domain and the website server.

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