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Article 1- The subject of the contract
designing the website   and performing the relevant matters with the attached specifications to .................................
Article 2 - The parties
this contract between Max Web Group on behalf of Mr. Arman Allahyari, who is hereinafter referred to as the contractor in this contract, and on the one hand ................. ................ hereinafter referred to as the employer in this contract, is concluded as follows and the parties to the contract are committed to implementing its provisions.
1-2 Details of the parties
1-1-2 Details of the contractor
Name and surname Arman Allahyari National code ............................. .... E-mail address info@maxweb24.ir Address Kish Tower Sepehr Floor 11 Unit 7 Phone 09128239964  
2-1-2 Employer Profile - Legal
Company ................................. to national ID ............. .................... Name and surname of the representative ......................... ........ Position ................................. National Code ...... ........................... Email address .................... ............. Address ................................. Phone .. ...............................
Employer Details - Real
Name and Surname ........... ...................... National Code .......................... ....... Email Address ................................. Address ...... ........................... Phone ...................... ...........  
2-2   All announcements made by the specifications contained in Article 1-2 for the parties are a formal and final request of the parties to the contract.       
Article 3: Contract amount
1-3 The amount of the subject of the contract according to the specifications in Article 1 of this contract, in the amount of .............................. ... is.
Article 4: Payment Terms
1-4 Step 1: Payment of 50% of the total contract amount as an advance payment by the employer.
1-1-4 How to pay
Payment will be done through Bank Mellat payment gateway to the acceptor number 2194422 called Max Web.
2-4 Step 2: Pay 30% of the total contract amount after submitting the graphic interface design of the site design and the approval of the employer.
3-4 Step 3: Pay the remaining 20% ​​of the total contract amount after submitting the coded plan and the general approval of the employer.
4-4The time for approval of the plan and payment by the employer from the time of submission to the employer's representative in each of stages 2 and 3 listed in paragraphs 2-4 and 3-4 is a maximum of 4 working days, if more than 4 working days have elapsed. Submission of the plan and non-response of the employer regarding the approval or non-approval of the plan, the amount of 100,000 Rials per day as delay compensation must be paid to the contractor.
5-4 In case of more than 4 working days and no response from the employer, if the contractor has provided the necessary information, it is obvious that the final delivery time of the contract subject will exceed the specified time and the contractor will set the final delivery time according Determines the discretion.
6-4  The settlement funds of stages 2 and 3 can be deposited in cash or to any type of bank account introduced by the labor contract.
7-4At the end of step 3, the coding of the design must be complete and have the correct function.
8-4 If any of the plans of steps 2 and 3 are approved by the employer and request only minor changes in certain sections, the settlement of these steps must still be done within a maximum of 4 working days. In return, the contractor undertakes to take action as soon as possible according to the amount of changes.
1-8-4 The meaning of general approval in clause 8-4 is the general satisfaction of the employer with the plan.
9-4 If the employer does not approve any of the plans of steps 2 and 3 in total, he can postpone the settlement of these steps until the expected changes are made. Obviously, the time required to make the changes determined by the contractor will be added to the delivery time of the subject of the contract.
Article 5: Commencement of the contract
The contract is valid, valid and enforceable from the date of payment of the prepayment amount.
1-5   In case of signing the contract and non-payment of prepayment on the date of the contract, the time required to perform the subject of the contract, which is listed in Article 6 of the same contract, will increase in proportion to the difference between the date of signing the contract and the date of prepayment. .
Article 6: The time required to complete the subject of the contract
The time required to complete the subject of the contract and the delivery of the final plan in accordance with the negotiations and agreement of the parties is .......... working days.
1-6The basis for determining the time required to perform the subject of the contract, providing information and initial explanations to the contractor at the same time as paying the down payment and signing the contract and also approving the first plans submitted to the employer in each of steps 2 and 3 mentioned in paragraph 2-4 and 3-4. Obviously, in case of non-submission of information at the time of prepayment and signing of the contract, as well as non-approval of initial plans and request for changes or design and re-implementation of plans, the time elapsed from the date of prepayment and signing of the contract until submission of information The initial by the employer as well as the time required to make the changes determined by the contractor shall be added to the time required to deliver the subject matter of the contract.
Article 7: Support Services
Support services for one solar year and starting from the date of payment of the settlement fee of stage 3 of the contract, stated in I 3-4, which in the coming years can be extended for one solar year by paying the daily price.
1-7 Website design support services include fixing any defects in the correct operation of the items mentioned in Article 1 of this contract or teaching how to work with different sections of the website.
1-1-7 Basic training on how to manage the site is held in a virtual and free session for the employer's representative. Obviously, in case of change of the employer's representative and the need for a re-training session on how to manage the site, the employer must pay the fee specified by the contractor.
2-1-7In case of request for changes by the employer after the approval of the plans in each of the steps mentioned in clauses 2-4 and 3-4, the employer must pay the cost of making the changes determined in advance by the contractor.
2-7 In case of non-payment of the cost of annual support services, the duty of support and troubleshooting will be waived from the contractor.
3-7 In case the website is hosted by the contractor and the support services are not paid, the contractor can terminate the hosting services of the employer's website.
Article 8: Obligations of the parties
1-8 Obligations of the contractor
1-1-8 All information provided by the employer to the contractor is considered confidential by the contractor and the contractor is obliged to maintain the information given and the right to provide this information. Not to others.
2-1-8The contractor undertakes to provide all the services mentioned in the subject of the contract to the employer after the complete settlement of the contract.
3-1-8 The contractor is obliged to ensure the security of the website in accordance with the existing standards.
4-1-8 The contractor undertakes to solve all technical problems related to the website during the contract.
5-1-8 The contractor undertakes to pay 100,000 Rials per day as compensation for delay to the employer if the final design is not delivered on time.
6-1-8 In case of settlement of step 3 mentioned in paragraph 3-4, the contractor must, in coordination with the employer's representative, train the management of the final design and provide him with the necessary information.
1-6-1-8 If you need a site design training sessionThe time required to hold a training session is not limited and is subject to the presentation of a certificate of receipt of correct training with the entry of the number of hours by the employer, which is held for free.
2-6-1-8 In case of requesting additional training sessions by the employer after presenting the certificate of receiving the correct training, the employer must pay the fee determined by the contractor.
2.8 Obligations of the Employer
1-2-8 The Contractor has the right to sign the delivered design in a suitable place in a way that does not damage the essence of the design, unless the parties agree on this.
1-1-2-8 If the employer requests not to sign the plan, he must pay the amount of 300 thousand Tomans to the contractor as not including the name of the contractor in the plan.
2-2-8If several initial designs are submitted by the contractor to the employer for review, the employer, after selecting the appropriate initial design, is required to return all other designs to the contractor and will have no ownership rights over the other designs.
3-2-8 Payment of all legal deductions The contract amount is the responsibility of the employer and the contract amount is paid net to the contractor.
4-2-8 The Contractor has no responsibility for the security information of the Website being provided to other persons by the Employer in any way.
5.2.8 The Contractor shall not be liable for any marks ( domains ) registered by the Employer elsewhere than the Contractor's official website.
6-2-8 In case of sign registration ( domainWebsite through the contractor, the employer undertakes to pay the annual fee related to the extension of the token ( domain ) according to the daily tariff stated on the official website of the contractor.
7-2-8 The Employer undertakes to pay the cost of the day listed on the official website of the Contractor in return for the request to add new features to the Website.
8-2-8 The employer undertakes to provide basic information such as signs ( domain ), images, catalogs, etc. to the contractor before submitting the initial design. Obviously, in case of non-cooperation of the employer, the contractor can not provide the initial plan mentioned in paragraph 2-4 and receive the cost of this step along with the cost of step 3 mentioned in paragraph 3-4.
9-2-8The Employer undertakes, after the approval of the plan of each of the steps 2 and 3 mentioned in paragraphs 2-4 and 3-4, any change request that leads to redesign or changes in a part of the plan, to pay the cost according to the tariff of the day stated. Pay on the contractor's official website or contractor estimate.
10-2-8 In case the employer's representative changes, the employer must notify in writing. Also, if the new agent's request is different from the previous agent, the employer must pay the fee set by the contractor to make the changes requested by the new agent.
Article 9: Dispute Resolution
In the event of a dispute between the parties to the contract, if no agreement is reached in the negotiations, the dispute will be reviewed by the competent authorities.
Article 10: Termination of the contract
The contract is considered binding and can be terminated only if the conditions of termination mentioned in the text of the contract or the agreement of the parties occur.
Article 11: Legal
residence of the parties The legal residence of the parties shall be the same address as in the contract and shall be invoked if necessary for the purpose of communicating correspondence. Notify each other and before the official notification, the previous address will be valid.
Article 12: Force majeure
In case of any problems due to force majeure according to the definitions of the Program and Budget Organization (such as floods, earthquakes, wars, strikes, etc.) will be acted in accordance with the laws governing society.

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